APX Darling Harbour and APX Parramatta are pleased to provide a range of special accommodation deals throughout the year. To book a current offer, simply use the BOOK NOW tool on the home page. 

Ensure your dates for accommodation are within the current offer's validity dates and you'll be able to select the special rate. 

Booking & Reservations: Our travel and booking consultants will help you manage your budget, anticipate your costs and keep them low. At APX Hotels Apartments, there are -

  • No multiple leases or complex contracts - no matter how many rooms, town houses or apartments you occupy
  • No surcharge for major events
  • No hidden costs - all utilities are included in one accommodation/billing rate. 

Contact details: 

8 Hope Street
Rosehill, NSW 2142

Tel:   +61 2 9687 7711 
Fax:  +61 2 9687 7722

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$ 135 .00

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APX Darling Harbour

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$ 97 .00

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APX Parramatta

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$ 149 .00

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