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8 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Corporate Accommodation

April 17, 2019

There’s certainly a checklist for success when it comes to booking corporate accommodation, and a handful of essential features can make all the difference to how productive your work trip will be. These 8 must-have amenities for corporate stays will ensure you’ll be comfortable and connected while you’re away from home.


A convenient location

Nobody has the time or inclination to stay out in the ‘burbs when travelling for work. Save yourself time and money on public transport by staying within walking distance to business meetings and local attractions. World Square, Parramatta and Darling Harbour locations will all place you at the heart of the action.

Free Wi-Fi

It’s 2019, and if your accommodation isn’t providing free Wi-Fi as standard then it’s time to find a better option! Connectivity is key for corporate travel, no matter how long your stay. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi will be a must when you’re preparing for the work day ahead, checking emails or unwinding after a long day in the office.

A dedicated workspace

Business travellers, you shouldn’t have to balance your laptop on the arm of a couch in a poky hotel room. Spare yourself the inconvenience and check into spacious accommodation that features a desk, lamp and power points exactly where you need them. Some accommodation options including APX also offer modern meeting rooms, so you can meet with clients and business partners in an ideal environment.

Flexible dining options

When it comes to dining during your corporate stays you’ll want a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare yourself healthy meals, as well as world-class dining options close by when you feel like a night out. At APX we can even shop on your behalf, and you can also charge nearby dining options to your room for one convenient bill.

Gym facilities

Whether you’re away from home for a week, a month or a year, it’s going to be important to keep active and feeling great. The best corporate accommodation options will provide a swimming pool and fitness centre within or close to your apartment, so you can swim a few laps and sweat out the daily stresses of life.

Daily servicing

At the end of a long day at work it’s a treat to walk into your apartment and find fresh fluffy towels, spotless surfaces and replenished amenities. Search for serviced apartments in the Sydney CBD or Parramatta and you’ll be able to spend your spare time relaxing or exploring the local sights, rather than tidying.

Laundry facilities

Part of putting your best foot forward at work is looking polished and professional. If you ensure your corporate apartments offer a laundry facility, an iron and an ironing board, you won’t ever have to hunt down a laundromat. This also makes it easy to travel light and pack only what you need.


Of course, serviced accommodation with all of these features can demand premium rates, so it’s also important to search for an option that offers great value on single and repeat stays. APX Hotels Apartments offer serviced apartments in Parramatta and the Sydney CBD with all of the features above, complete with flexible pricing for longer stays.

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