The safety and wellbeing of our guests as well as our employees are of utmost importance at APX Hotels Apartments. Upon check in, we kindly ask pet owners to sign and agree with the policies to ensure that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable stay.

  1. Only fully house trained dogs and cats are permitted in the property. No other pets are allowed in the apartment.
  2. Apartments that can accommodate pets are subject to availability.
  3. A maximum of 2 pets, each weighing less then 20 kg with a maximum of 60cm (2ft) in height are allowed per apartment.
  4. A daily non-refundable charge corresponding to the pet package will be added to the accommodation charges.
  5. Connecting rooms requested by a guest with pet will be charged with pet fee per night for both rooms.
  6. Pet owner is required to read, understand and sign the pet policy agreement.
  7. Guest must present pet identification certificate and up-to-date vaccination records upon check in.
  8. Pets are welcome to walk in public areas except the swimming pool and gym and that they are not allowed on top of any furniture in the common areas.
  9. Pets must be neatly groomed, disease free and are expected to be non-destructive and well mannered.
  10. Guest is fully responsible in removing and disposing pet waste within the hotel premises and public areas.
  11. Pet must be on a leash or restrained and accompanied by the guest/s at ALL times.
  12. Guest is responsible for any noise or disturbance caused by their pet.
  13. Pets are not allowed in any other apartment other than which where they are registered.
  14. Guest must not use hotel towels / linen for any pet use other than that provided by the hotel for pets (subject to rate package).
  15. When receiving housekeeping services, pets must be restrained or out of the room.
  16. Pet owners are responsible for all costs associated with any incident, damages or cleaning caused by their pets within the premises of the hotel at the sole discretion of the hotel.
  17. The hotel is not responsible for pets that may escape or exit apartments and hotel doors as a result of hotel staff accessing the apartments and the hotel premises.
  18. Undeclared pets shall be charged $200 as penalty plus pet accommodation costs and any additional fees should there be any.
  19. The Hotel has the sole discretion to terminate the accommodation of the guest without refund if the pet is deemed unhealthy, dangerous, or likely to cause harm and disturbance including, but not limited to, constant barking, howling, aggression towards other pets, guests or hotel employees.
  20. Assistance animal / service dog / ADA compliant service dog are accommodated free of charge with a paying guest and are not subject to the policies and restrictions that apply to pets.